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Y´Akoto – Babyblues (2012) “R&B/jazz/soul a continuous search of oneself. Unbeatable debut”

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“It feels so good to be restless.” (Moving)

This is the phrase used by this “girl”, only 23 years old, is showed in her official blog, which I truly recommend. One of the best artist web I have seen so far. With plenty of information about her and her music.

When you start listening to her debut album, you realize that this lady has so much life on her shoulders, her voice, her strength and her performance is far away from her age. Perhaps her miscegenation, a Ghanaian father and German mother. I love her words when she says:

“The numerous relocations, all the travel, and the global adaptability this entailed – all these things strongly influenced me.” “Yet I feel no sense of displacement or inner conflict. On the contrary, it is all these stages of a journey, all the impressions and experiences en route, which together, form a sum that is greater than its parts – a greater whole – the sum of me, my totality.”

She was only 13 when she was already singing funk, rock y reggae in a band, which won several festivals. Then she made a small incursion in electronics, and finally with 20 years to reach maturity in the pursuit of the essential.

“Nowadays the most important thing is to tell stories with my songs. That is why the sound is stripped down to the very basics. Less is more. I took great pains to make sure that in this album, things were kept consistently purist and unadulterated.”

She has been writing the letters of her debut for two years, where she intended the everyday becomes the predominant, the message that everyone can understand, the lyrics are about what happens to us every day, to anyone in the world. Y’Akoto doesn´t hide that behind her songs are the spirit of people like Billie Holiday, Nina Simone and Erykah Badu. She has forgotten to add Ms Dynamite, because songs like "Y’akoto’s Babyblues" or "Tamba" seem to be taken from the debut album from our English rapper.


The team that surrounds this first venture is none other than Mocky, Haze and Max Herre, Samon Kawamura and Roberto Di Gioia, alias Kahedi. Y’Akoto has a few words also for them:

“Everyone involved were, first and foremost, really great musicians. Each an every one of them, a master of his craft. But what amazed me most was the fact that every one of them poured so much work and love into this project. Everything came so harmoniously and naturally, everything felt so right – it didn’t feel like just another job.”

And if we talk about the different tracks of the album and its sound from the player to our interior, we will be telling you a personal experience, very intimate and with a great vocation to the continuous search. Songs like "Moving" shows with its clarity and simplicity, which makes everything so far had become meaningful and force by itself. A catchy melody, fun and exciting stay with you makes a continuous humming.

The album has genuine jewels that I don´t want to say in excess, only strongly recommend you one of those shots half hidden to us by the radio formulas and truly is a delight to our ears.

I would like to end this article with her own words:

There is this urge which impels her never to stand still and always to keep growing and learning. This feeling of never arriving yet always being there. The conviction that one must lose oneself first in order to someday, find oneself.
It is restlessness which drives her.

To sum up : This is a wonderful album that not just let be heard over and over again, but rather is able to convey feelings and sensations as I haven´t enjoyed for so long, especially if the artist is just 23 years old. We must follow her track very closely.


Autor: Esperanzamar

La música une, es universal, da igual el idioma que hables o si ni siquiera dices una palabra. Hay veces que ha dado igual si te has quedado sordo incluso, se puede sentir, te hace estremecer, saltar, gritar... la vida es mas interesante con ella y por eso deberia ser de libre circulacion. Aqui pongo mi granito de arena

Un pensamiento en “Y´Akoto – Babyblues (2012) “R&B/jazz/soul a continuous search of oneself. Unbeatable debut”

  1. Que ilusión, mi primera entrada en Inglés. Por supuesto no es mía. Aunque no tengo problemas en general para el idioma esta entrada ha sido escrita íntegramente por Esperanza del Mar, a quién desde aquí le agradezco enormente su apoyo. Gracias preciosa!!!


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